Sports apparel by Metzen Athletic München is made especially for you. That's why we can precisely take into account your individual needs: any color combination, any logo, and any lettering is possible.  

The entire production process of your jerseys is carried out on our premises, in our facilities and by our employees. This guarantees the high quality of the product and accurate delivery scheduling. 

The manufacturing process involves several steps. 

1. Order

1 – 3 days after you send us your order with all necessary information, our graphics department starts adapting the design to the pattern. All data is stored in our system, we guarantee subsequent delivery in the same colors etc. for at least 10 years. 

2. Print Approval

We send you a preview of the print sheet created from the design from your order, showing you the exact positioning and look of your design as well as the desired logos, numerals and names. Please review this draft and approve the production of a sample. 

3. Sample Production

The approved design is transformed into production capable samples and printed on paper (transfer printing technique). The required fabric pieces for your order are tailored from white polyester fabric. In the next step, all of the details are printed over the entire surface of the fabric pieces. All lettering and logos are now on the completely imprinted fabric piece, in the same way we've seen on the professionals for years. Printing takes place using dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology. This process combines the dye molecules with the fibers of the fabric at the molecular level. The fabric remains soft and breathable. The designs cannot be washed out. 

4. Sewing

The imprinted parts are carefully sewn together in several steps and fitted with accessories such as labels, zippers, vents, etc. Your item is now ready to be used as a pattern. You will receive this pattern by email as a jpg to view and approve it for production. After production is approved, we assemble your entire order. 

5. Quality Control & Packaging

After quality control has carefully inspected your products, they are individually packed in polythene bags, counted and prepared for shipment. From order to delivery takes about 10 - 12 workdays.